Do you wish to enhance your capabilities in one of the medical specialties?

Dozens of training programs are available in medical specialties and administration

Customized Training programs

Customized training programs for medical institutions and physicians

Practical Training

All of our training programs include theoretical & practical training

Certified Training

Certified Training by the largest universities and medical institutions in Turkey

Do you wish to get your treatment in Turkey !?

Here are the steps

We have made it simple How do we work

Diagnosing the medical condition | Evaluating treatment cost | Organizing your trip

Initial Diagnosis

Our medical team of doctors and specialists will contact you to evaluate your case

Treatment Plan

We inform you about all available treatment options along with costs and bookings

Booking Procedure

We book treatment in soonest available date and time as well as accommodation and transportation

For Free

Consult doctors now

Get a medical evaluation alongwith the cost of treatment within one of Rehabürk Healthcare network hospitals.

Our team of healthcare experts will be happy to help. They will contact you to fully understand your health situation and provide you with the best treatment option within your budget.


Rehabtürk provides its services to both individuals and institutions (governmental & private institutions) all over the world through a professional team of administrators and medical personnel 24/7.

Your opportunity to get your treatment done withREHABTÜRK network of hospitals and clinics, which provides you with the right treatment within your budget

A wide range of options is provided to you by REHABTÜRK to study any of medical majors in more than 20 universities and colleges

To enhance your medical competence or medical administration, we are here with you to provide you with the best training program.

How do we work 1?

Rehabtürk Healthcare Network is made up of more than 250 hospitals and health centers in addition to thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals in Turkey. Additionally, lots of universities, institutes and research centers are part of our Network

Rehabtürk connects you to the largest network of medical service providers in Europe





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Daily Diagnosis