Rehabtürk Healthcare Providers' Network

The most comprehensive medical network in Turkey

Who are we?

We are a joint-stock company based in Istanbul that works in marketing of high-quality healthcare services in Turkey abroad.
We connect those who wish to benefit from Turkish healthcare outside Turkey with service providers in Turkey.

Rehabtürk Healthcare Providers' Network

healthcare providers

Which consist of Hospital, medical centers and doctors in Turkey

Logistics Services providers

They are companies and individuals working in the field of transportation, accommodation and tours in Turkey.

Regional Representatives & Agencies

Rehaptürk works with many local agencies in different countries of the world which work in marketing of Turkish treatment services locally and coordinate for their treatment trip to Turkey



Rehabtürk reached 100 patient threshold per month


Establishment of Health & Beauty Turkey Center with an area of 500 m2


Expansion of the Health and Beauty Center with an area of 1000 m2 where patients exceeded 200 patients/month.
Rehabturk network expanded to include 30 hospitals and health centers


Rehapturk network has expanded to 200 hospitals and medical centers. Fast recovery after Covid closure


Rehapturk included 14 agencies and regional representatives.
Founding of online medical consultation platform.
Making online store for the sale of medical products outside of Turkey


Connecting patients with to healthcare providers in Turkey by marketing of high-quality health services to institutions and individuals who need them.


To provide the highest level of healthcare services by bringing together the best medical expertise and staff in Turkey in a single network; offering them to patients and helping them in their trip of treatment to Turkey.

How we work with healthcare providers

We work with medical service providers on contracts that guarantee the interests of both parties

1) Commission rate of sales.
2) Having a discounted price of services and selling them with our price.

Rehabturk Employees

Multicultural Environment- Employee’s first

We have multicultural and multilingual team which allowed us to attract patients from different cultures and backgrounds and Facilitate their access to health services in Turkey

Languages We Speak :

English - Arabic - Russian - Italian - Spanish - French

"Rehabtürk praises its employees as true partners in the RehabTurk’s success"

International Agents

Your gateway to Turkish health services

Yemen - Mauritania - Algeria - Iraq - Sudan - Ethiopia - Morocco - Somalia - Palestine - Jordan
Chad - Qatar - Italy - Ukraine - Libya - Rwanda - United States

Rehabturk Network Hospitals