REHABTÜRK Healthcare Network

About Us

about-usRehabtürk is a joint-stock institution concerned with providing high quality treatments and all healthcare related services in addition to medical training and other administrative and technical solutions.

Rehabtürk provides the services through its huge network of hospitals, clinics, doctors, administrators, research centers and universities in turkey including multiple specializations to cover all medical services and provide them to individuals and institutions as well. Our headquarter is located in Istanbul. the institution provides services to both individuals and institutions (Governmental and Private) in all parts of the world via its professional team of administrators and medical

staff 24/7. Rehabtürk also provides logistic services through fleet of service cars and emergency vehicles in turkey in addition to air ambulance services.


Achieving the highest level of services quality by gathering the best experiences and medical personnel in turkey within a single network and provide this service to all patients wherever they are and facilitate their trip for treatment in turkey.


Our mission is to contribute in the delivery of the highest quality of medical service for those who need them and within their financial capabilities at the right time.


Our values reflect a firm commitment that drives our administrators and staff towards our patients and their families.


We treat every patient with the highest level of professionalism, and we sought to ensure best results of treatments, and absolute commitment to patient’s privacy and confidentiality


Showing a full respect to the quality of provided services, and the level of knowledge and experiences. And presenting the level the service and experience to patients and beneficiaries transparently with no bias.


Shareholders and business partners are an important part of our success. Their interests are not only important to us, but it’s also a core value of our business.

Our Staff

We are aware of the contributions of our employees and their endeavor to serve the goals of the organization. We are believing in the necessity of training and developing human element and improving our working conditions and environment to improve the institution’s performance and services.